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Focused, Flexible and Empowering Life Coaching for Ambitious Women Ready to Make a Change 

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Do you have a personal goal or aspect of your life that you'd like to improve, but find yourself struggling to take consistent

action due to self-doubt, overwhelm, procrastination, or fear?

Working with a coach can help.

Tools || Mindset || Accountability || Support

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Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Jen, a professional coach passionate about supporting women on their self-discovery and personal growth journeys.  

As a coach, I aim to create an environment where you feel safe, supported, and inspired to step out of your comfort zone, push past your limitations, and

take committed action toward creating a rich and fulfilling life.  

While we would be working with evidence-based frameworks and tools, I believe you’ll find that the true magic of coaching comes from knowing that

there is someone in your corner who is rooting for you. 

Below are 4 core features that you can expect to find when working together. 

Vision and Goal Setting

First, we develop your vision and define your goals for the future to ensure that you have a clear sense of direction

and purpose.

Accountability and Support

Throughout this process, I’ll be holding you accountable to your plans and encouraging you on the days you feel like giving up.


Second, we explore the mental blocks, doubts and fears that arise as you take action toward your goals and work on strengthening your commitment, confidence and motivation along the way.

Self-Care, Review and Reflection

Finally, we celebrate big and little wins in every session because it’s important that you acknowledge

your growth and give yourself credit for the

effort put in along the way. 

"Like a breath of fresh air"

Life coaching with Jenine was honestly like a breath of fresh air.

Not only was she knowledgeable and experienced, but also down to-earth and comfortable to speak with.

She was able to detect the heart of all the jumbled matters in my life quickly and wove creative ways to form as well as encourage, motivate, and inspire me to work towards my personal goals.

-Tracy L.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

To get a feel for working together, I invite you to

reach out by booking a consultation online or sending a message using the form to the right. 

Thanks for submitting! I'll be in touch shortly.

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